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Ten Ways.org - Praise for Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties — Ten Ways.org
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Praise for Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties:

"Everywhere I go around the planet, I find young people, fresh from college, leading the new green movement. With savvy and heart, they're making a real difference--and as this book shows, you can too!" 

-Bill McKibben350.org


"What I love about Ten Ways is that it picks up where so many books leave off and answers the question, “what exactly is to be done by individuals who want to help?” Libuse Binder has found the perfect combination of information, inspiration, and detailed suggestions for adults of all ages to  
begin to make a difference." 
-Laurie David, Stopglobalwarming.org


"What really distinguishes Ten Ways is how Binder presents real world cases of young people creating positive change. These aren't just ideas--they're success stories."

-Ben Jervey, Environmental journalist and author of The Big Green Apple


"From the moment I cracked open Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties, to the third time I read it, I was impressed. Even though I consider myself quite knowledgeable in the study of environmentalism, I was pleasantly surprised to find the book full of refreshing and innovative ideas. They challenged my more experienced know-how, while still encompassing the needs and desires of people who are just beginning to come into their own. However, upon further reflection, I realized I expected nothing less from Libuse Binder, a writer at the forefront of young activism. Even with the complexities and vast reach of Ten Ways, the book itself is easily summarized as a must-have, and I wish it was available when I first opened my eyes to the power of change and my impact on it." 

-Raquel Fagan, Executive Editor Earth911


"Ten Ways to Change the World In Your Twenties won't only teach you how to change the world, it will get you exhilarated about doing so. Libuse Binder is a passionate advocate and activist, and she writes in fun, accessible prose that's never preachy, that speaks to any generation--whether you're in your 20s or your 80s--about how to live mindfully, and have a blast while doing so."

-Melissa Kirsch, author of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything



"Libuse Binder has a heart as big as the world.  Ten Ways To Change the World in Your Twenties is imperative reading young people committed to helping the planet, and one another, toward a more enlightened future.

Read this book!"

-Mark Matousekauthor of When You're Falling, Dive, and Ethical Wisdom: What Makes Us Good? 


"Binder drives home one of the most important messages of the green movement for those of us in our 'Roaring Twenties': You don't have to sacrifice what you love to do (or eat!) to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. We all seem to be heading towards a place where living our lives fully and caring for the earth intersect, and Binder's book is a compass pointing in that direction. 10 Ways  breaks down a wide variety of ideas into real tips that I can actually see myself (or any other twenty-something) doing. I can open the book at random and find an activity that I'd not only be interested in, but can get started that same day."

-Jennifer Berry, Public & Strategic Relations Manager, Earth911.com


"Having a positive impact doesn't have to be complicated, but sometimes the biggest obstacle is knowing where--and how to start. 'Ten Ways' is a great resource to help people who are just starting out know how to start making a difference." 

-Meg Busse - The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers


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