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Chapters of the book

Check out a quick synopsis of each chapter to get an idea of what we are all about!

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  • Chapter 1: Ways to Get Excited and Involved

    Discover Your Unique Viewpoint by Exploring the Resources around You Your twenties are an important time to think about where your interests lie and how your actions and decisions impact the world around you. In chapter 1, you will find ways to discover your passions by discerning the causes you care about most and learning about ways to evaluate organizations that address these issues.

  • Chapter 2: Ways to Live, Give, and Thrive through Volunteering

    Self-Discovery Need Not Be a Selfish Process. Once you have found causes worthy of deeper exploration, consider one of the most effective ways to make an impact and to find your passion: volunteering. This chapter will profile unique international, national, and local volunteer programs, as well as a variety of volunteer vacations. A volunteer position already exists that is ideal for your needs, interests, and skills; chapter 2 will give you candid information and advice to help you find it.

  • Chapter 3: Ways to Be the Life of Your Party—Support Political Actions That Reflect Your Values

    The goal of this chapter is to shed more light on your daily connection with public policy decisions and to provide ideas for becoming more educated about and involved in government and community policymaking. Issues like your health insurance (or lack thereof), your grandparents’ retirement, and food safety are all matters of public debate, and you have the power to make good things happen in these areas. This chapter includes important actions such as voting, and it also explores many other easy ways for you to get involved with the political process: writing a persuasive letter, challenging and/ or supporting politicians, and various steps you can take to change a particular policy or law.

  • Chapter 4: Ways to Be a Green Giant—Practical Ideas for Leading an Eco-active Lifestyle

    This chapter will focus on changing habits in order to be more environmentally responsible, including many small, everyday measures you can take to conserve natural resources, protect habitat, and decrease your contribution to global warming.

  • Chapter 5: Ways to Lose Waste Fast—Reduce Your Footprint and Simplify Your Life

    If green is the new black, then simplicity is the new green. Chapter 5 offers strategies for reduction, the crown jewel in the Three R Triumvirate (reduce, reuse, recycle).

  • Chapter 6: Ways to make Your money Talk and Companies Listen - Harness the Power of Your Dollar by Supporting Ethically and Environmentally Sound Businesses

    Chapter 6 explores how to uncover and understand the ethical and environmental practices of different companies as well as how consumers can communicate their desires/concerns to companies by harnessing the power of their dollars. We can drive the market with our demand for fairly traded, recycled and recyclable, low impact, efficient, and responsibly manufactured products (not necessarily all at the same time, but you get the idea!).

  • Chapter 7: Ways to Eat What You Want without Eating That— The Triumphs of Good Taste for the New Low-impact, Seasonal Omnivore

    Whether you are a locavore, omnivore, or strict carnivore like my cat, chapter 7 will be your easy-to-digest guide to the healthier, safer consumption of delicious food.

  • Chapter 8: Ways to Throw (or Attend!) a Party with a Purpose—A Step-by-Step Guide to Throwing Parties That Can Change the World

    A party is a great place to raise awareness about a cause you believe in. This chapter offers directions for planning all sorts of events, from a small bash with your buddies to an elegant, invite-only benefit.

  • Chapter 9: Ways to Travel Lightly (and Cheaply!) Everywhere You Go—Expand Your Horizons by Heading for…Well, the Horizon

    Whether your travel takes you to the ends of the earth or simply to the opposite end of your block, chapter 9 offers resources designed to help you decrease your environmental footprint while increasing your understanding of the diverse issues facing people all over the globe.

  • Chapter 10: Ways to Turn Your Passion into Promise—Turn Your Interests into Your Vocation

    This chapter serves as the professional’s guide to changing the world, aimed at anyone who is passionate about making a difference, not just earning a paycheck.

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